Eyeris Wins TU-Automotive Award

Wins “Best Connected Service or Product for Commercial Market” for driver and occupants monitoring AI

Eyeris, a world pioneer and leader in deep learning-based vision AI for face analytics and emotion recognition software won the 2017 TU-Automotive Award for Best Connected Service or Product for Commercial Market. TU Award winners are determined by a panel of high-level experts and are chosen based on four criteria: innovation, industry engagement, user experience and market updates. Eyeris and the other 10 winners in different categories were chosen out of a field of 400 nominations.

The award was announced at the TU-Automotive Awards ceremony on June 6, 2017 and presented to Eyeris Founder and Chief Executive Officer Modar Alaoui.

“Eyeris is grateful to TU-Automotive for this award,” said Alaoui. “We are thrilled to be included in this prestigious list of winners within the automotive industry. Winning this award further validates our grand vision towards transforming the in-cabin experience of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles; not only through added safety with our driver monitoring AI, but also through added comfort and ambient intelligence for all occupants inside this third living space.”

In selecting Eyeris, the TU-Automotive judges called out Eyeris “because they are at the cutting edge of where the commercial vehicle industry is going.” The judges continued by stating “…Eyeris driver & occupants monitoring AI really stands out in the wide range of driver monitoring tools out there.” Eyeris was nominated as a finalist of the TU Automotive Awards three years in a row beginning in 2015, one year after Eyeris began to cater its comprehensive face analytics and emotion recognition software for embedded systems to automotive manufacturers in their quest to augment advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for highly automated vehicles (HAVs).

Eyeris automotive customers include Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Co., a major U.S. electric vehicle manufacturer, Toyota Research Institute, and two major German tier-one suppliers. Eyeris expects to begin to go into vehicle production starting in Q4 of 2017.

About Eyeris

Eyeris is a world pioneer and leader of deep learning-based face analytics and emotion recognition software. The company’s computer vision AI is hardware agnostic and offers the world’s most advanced and most comprehensive suite of face analytics with its on-device and cloud-based processing solutions. Eyeris is used in today’s commercial applications such as automotive, robotics, and video analytics. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., the company’s R&D lab in San Jose focuses on software optimization and customization of its deep learning models to specific applications and environments such as driver and occupant monitoring AI for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles and human-robot interaction for social robotics. Learn more at www.eyeris.ai.