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Our in-cabin AI software is designed to exceed functional safety standards, enabling vehicles with maximum occupant protection in all scenarios.


We empower vehicles with AI capabilities that enhance comfort, prioritizing passenger well-being and elevating the overall cabin interior experience.


Tailored for seamless integration, our AI is built with modularity, enabling the implementation of various in-cabin convenience features with ease.

What's on the Inside
Matters Most.

We believe the most important asset in any vehicle isn't its technology or design—it's the human lives inside. That's why we've dedicated over a decade to pioneering AI technology that is truly human-centered, enabling carmakers to prioritize the safety, comfort, and well-being of all occupants.

In-cabin sensing AI, Done right.

We all know that what’s on the inside matters most. Eyeris offers a one of a kind technology, keeping you at the center of its purpose. Utilizing our AI software and chip interference accelerator, Eyeris is currently the only technology in the world capable of providing analytics on everything that occurs inside the vehicle.


Thoroughly covering the cabin space, with analysis of key human, object, and surface areas, our AI detects nuances for ideal journey experiences.


Transforming data into vivid narratives, our AI provides intuitive insights, enabling anticipation of comfort needs and delivering tailored, personalized experiences.


Effortlessly blending advanced technology with vehicles, our AI seamlessly integrates into any platform, ensuring effortless deployment and optimal performance.

Scene Analysis

We go beyond traditional driver and occupant monitoring systems. With AI-powered depth-aware precision, we reshape how vehicles understand dynamic cabin environments, offering unmatched insights for auto makers and service providers. This translates to a journey for consumers defined by personalized comfort, intuitive interaction, and enhanced peace of mind, emphasizing the crucial role of interior technology.



By thoroughly covering the entire cabin environment, including both drivers and passengers, our technology excels at identifying potential hazards like foreign objects, pets, or a child inadvertently left behind. This comprehensive oversight empowers auto manufacturers to safeguard occupants and avert potential accidents, ensuring a secure and worry-free driving experience.



Our technology goes beyond mere monitoring, providing a seamless and intuitive in-cabin experience for both drivers and passengers. By understanding individual preferences and adapting in real-time, Eyeris enables auto manufacturers to provide a personalized and comfortable journey for everyone on board. From adjusting climate control settings to optimizing seating positions, Eyeris technology transforms the driving environment, elevating comfort to new heights.



Our modular AI models seamlessly integrate into any vehicle's ecosystem, offering intuitive features that enhance the driving experience. By streamlining access to essential functions and services, Eyeris empowers auto manufacturers with AI data to design hassle-free and convenient journeys for drivers and passengers alike. From intuitive infotainment controls to personalized invisible cabin environment settings, our technology elevates every aspect of the driving experience, ensuring enhanced convenience on the road.


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Us vs Them

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Embracing Future Innovation

As we embark on the next phase of our journey, Eyeris is committed to leading the way in automotive innovation. With our unwavering dedication to excellence and cutting-edge technology, we are poised to shape the future of mobility. Anticipate groundbreaking advancements and transformative solutions as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. Stay tuned for updates on our progress and join us as we drive towards a brighter, more connected future.

Designed for
Functional Safety


Safety is paramount in everything we do. At Eyeris, our AI technology and its development process aim for the highest automotive ASIL levels and adhere to ISO functional safety standards for comprehensive safety assurance. From design to deployment, we prioritize rigorous risk detection and control to ensure optimal safety in our software solutions.

AI that drives
More Stars on Cars


We empower automotive OEMs by providing advanced in-cabin sensing AI data, enabling them to enhance safety measures and pursue higher NCAP safety star ratings on a global scale. By aligning with Global NCAP's mission of promoting proven vehicle safety technologies and increasing consumer awareness, we strive to foster safer driving experiences worldwide.

Redefining The Third Living Space

In today's automotive realm, the in-cabin environment has evolved into a "third living space," offering significant opportunities for passengers and automakers alike. Passengers enjoy relaxation, productivity, and connectivity during transit, while automakers pioneer novel design solutions. Our AI technology facilitates personalized, safe, and comfortable journeys, fostering new revenue streams. Embracing the  third living space concept enhances the driving experience and unlocks innovation in the automotive industry.

Most Awarded
In-Cabin AI

Renowned as the world's most awarded in-cabin sensing company, Eyeris has consistently garnered industry accolades for ten consecutive years. Eyeris dominated the 2024 AutoTech Awards in Detroit with a double win, earning "Automotive Tech Company of the Year" and "Automotive Product of the Year." In 2023, we earned the "Automotive Innovation Sensor of the Year" from AutoTech Breakthrough and "Best Vehicle In-Cabin Sensing AI Company" by the AI R&D Awards. Moreover, Eyeris has maintained a strong presence in prestigious events such as AutoSens and Informa Tech, earning esteemed recognitions including "Cockpit of the Future Product of the Year," "Most Innovative In-Cabin Perception Application," "Best Automotive AI Product of the Year," and "Best Automotive Safety System."

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