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Putting myths out of business

A Camera in my car is an invasion of privacy. Not necessarily true. There are safety mechanism that can be implemented both in hardware and software to protect privacy while providing the highest degree of accurate analytics.

Eyeris is Watching Your Back

Not Watching You

Innovation is key, but so is your privacy. At Eyeris, you come first in everything we do; which means your rights are protected.

In a good way. Since the images captured are analyzed in real time on processing hardware, there is no need to store or collect video. This ensures the best balance of protecting privacy while elevating safety, comfort and convenience.

Eyeris is

watching you.

Analytics are done in real time and utilized for the most current situation. If a driver is drowsy, it only makes sense to alert the driver when it happens in real time. If a child is left behind, it only matters to alert someone right away.

Eyeris records


Eyeris does not have access or the ability to collect data from the vehicle itself.

Eyeris doesn't

have consent.


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What does Eyeris really see?

Eyeris In-Cabin Sensing AI provides real time analytics on the edge so there is no need to store any video in the vehicle or on the cloud. Generic, but useful, data is analyzed to provide the best safety, convenience and comfort features possible while protecting your privacy.

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