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In-cabin sensing AI

for autonomous and highly automated vehicles.

We create AI that understands the entire in-cabin space, to ensure optimal safety for all vehicle occupants, while enhancing their experience with personalized comfort and convenience.

What's on The Inside

Matters Most.

Our technology empowers today’s and future vehicles with interior scene data intelligence that is aimed to safeguard and cater to the most valuable asset: the occupants. 

Artificial Intelligence

Done Right.

We craft unbiased AI models for functional safety standards, efficient inference, accurate predictions, flexible in-cabin camera locations, and a wide range of interior lighting spectrum.

We are dedicated to help save lives and enhance user experience while abiding to privacy laws worldwide. Our commitment to excellence in designing the best in-cabin sensing AI has been industry recognized. Eyeris has received multiple awards consistently for the last 6 years. 

Inspired by You

Driven by Excellence

In The Press.

Globe Newswire

STMicroelectronics Collaborates with Eyeris on Integration of Global-Shutter Sensor Solution for Automotive In-Cabin Monitoring

PR Newswire

Eyeris and Texas Instruments Collaborate to Introduce Industry's First In-cabin Sensing AI

The Wall Street Journal

AI-Powered Cameras Represent Tech’s Biggest Trade-off

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